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Monday, 16 July 2012
Easy weight loss tips
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My three easiest tips you could do I think to start loosing weight now. Number one, drink water, a ton of water. You can drink a whole glass of cold water right when you wake up in the morning because that is going to get your metabolism going and the cold water funny enough, because it is cold, it is going to force your body to warm that up or metabolize it, and since it is cold you are going to burn calories. Weird huh? Second tip, eat protein. So if you have ever heard of the Atkins diet, it actually does work. Unfortunately, if you were to follow it like they used to, it is actually unhealthy for you as well but you do lose a lot of weight. And the reason why is because protein is such a big part of loosing weight in terms of gaining muscle mass, and muscle mass helping you to burn a lot of calories so there is just so many things.

Again, another tip for eating protein or meat is within 30 minutes of you waking up, you should always have breakfast and in that breakfast it should be mostly meat. So you know, everything we grow up on from eating cereal to muffins to toasts is totally backwards, and what you should be doing is eating like eggs or like a small steak. I like to have omelet with shrimp on the side or shrimp in my omelet. Number three, the third best way to lose weight is just cut up the carbs. When I talk about carbs, I am talking about starchy carbs or for example, toast breads and you know, pancakes, and muffins. And even, I know for all you Asian people watching this, rice. Anything that is white really, I will eat starchy carbs one or two days a week, so there you go, three tips.

Number one, drink tons of water. Two, eat lots of meat or protein and three, don’t eat carbs. That’s as simple as it is. I assure, if you follow these three, you are going to start losing weight and the greatest thing about that is the fact that you don’t have to go out there and buy some you know, crazy weight loss program. I mean, there is a lot of good ones out there but if you are somebody that doesn’t have a lot of money, those are just three things you can do easy, enough, and anybody I feel can do it no matter what your budget is, and you can start losing weight.

There you go it is getting a little bit hot. Remember; do not poke your meat okay? And all you are going to do is before you flip it –

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Posted by slimbayuk at 5:13 AM EDT

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