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Friday, 20 July 2012
Do Diet Pills or Fat Burners Work to help Lose Weight and Get Six Pack
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Today I want to talk about diet pills and fat burners, and if they work, and if you should use them. Basically, I would say that they do work but I want to explain to you how they work, and tell you another way that you can get around this actually instead of taking them or wasting your money on these products. What they actually do is most of them or if not all of them just suppress your appetite, that’s all they do. A lot of them, they may suggest that you take it before every meal that you eat, and when you wake up in the morning, and you know, or what ever. All they are going to do is just make you feel like you are full earlier than you normally would, so you are going to be eating less food in that way, and that is basically what it is, that’s all it does.

It’s not a fat burner, it doesn’t burn any fat. They don’t you know, make you lose fat in certain areas like your stomach, or you know your thighs, or wherever you want to lose the weight, that’s not what it does. All it does is suppress your appetite and it just makes you not hungry. I have never used them because of this, I know that it is not going to help you so much as to when you do lose your total weight what’s going to happen is your appetite is going to go back up again once you stop taking those pills. You are going to sit down and want to eat, and you are going to want to eat a lot more than you have been eating while you were dieting because those pills were suppressing your appetite. So I would suggest not using them but if you do use them at least know that that’s all it is doing and once you do lose weight, you are going to have to realize that you are going to have to compensate for that, that your appetite will go up once you are off of them and you can eat. You know, you can eat until you are full.

A technique that I use helps do the same, it is the same effect, and then you can always do this. And what I do is before I eat, I drink a glass of water. While I eat, I drink a glass of water and after I eat I drink another glass of water but personally, I love water. I am a big water drinker and I love to stay hydrated also so that works for me. I mean, you don’t have to drink three glasses of water because I understand some people that’s going to bloat you out of your mind. But I mean, you know, if you drink a glass before and at least while you are eating, that is going to help suppress your appetite big time. And also, if you are dieting correctly, you are eating every you know, small meals every three to four hours. I mean, after you eat, you drink all that water while you are eating. After you eat you may, you know, like an hour after you may feel like you are hungry again because all that water you know, just dissolves right through your system. But if you are eating every three or four hours you have that in the back of your mind like, “You know what? In another two hours I get another meal.” so that is going to help you to be strong, and not crave, and just pig-out all the time. Also, like I mentioned in another video is I do drink diet sodas. I love them actually, especially, in replacement of – you know, I got that sweet tooth when I want to eat something sweet, I use those diet drinks to track and compensate for that. You know, knock out two or three of them if I have to with zero calories.

It does feel like you are consuming some type of calories but that’s just mental. Don’t worry about that and you are not consuming anything. But the only thing I want to suggest if you do drink diet sodas, is that the carbonated water that is in there will make you like flush and urinate out more water than you are consuming, so you have to stay really hydrated if you are using those. So basically that’s it and I would suggest don’t waste your money on these diet pills. You know, there’s other techniques that you can do. Like diet sodas, that’s what I like to do or you know, just drink a lot of water while you are eating, before you are eat, or after you eat, and that should help you out. That’s it for today. If you got any questions or comments you know, just so you know, shoot them to me and then I will make a video or just message you back. You know, I want to help you reach your goal and I want to share with you everything that I have learned while loosing weight, and I want to help you reach your goal as well. So if you haven’t already done so, go ahead, and subscribe. Thanks and have a good day.

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Posted by slimbayuk at 8:24 AM EDT

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