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Monday, 18 June 2012
My top 3 weight loss tips secret
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I’m going to give you my three top tips on how to lose weight and keep it off without feeling like crap in the process.My first tip is purging control and I know that sounds kind of complicated. I’m going to throw all the math, all the science, and make this process super easy. What I use to eat my dinner on is a kid’s plate. See all of these little fun sections? Well, that’s where you are going to put your food to make sure that you are not eating too much.

This big section is for your healthiest food and the things like meat, macaroni and cheese, the stuff that holds a lot of carbs, or fat, or animal proteins you are going to put in these little sections. So that makes it really easy. Just fill up your plate, you will feel satisfied, and not eat too much. But if you are eating a salad, don’t worry about the portion that you are going to throw at all. Make as big as you want to. This is where I usually eat my salad in. Just watch those extra sugary salad dressings and fatty toppings like cheese. If you are going to throw them in, just put in a touch and it will taste just as good.

My second tip is to throw out your scale. The fact thing is that your weight fluctuates from morning to night and from day to day, so obsessing of the numbers is going to get you nowhere. I worried about how I feel and how I will look on my favorite pair of jeans. So I suggest pulling out your favorite pair of jeans, or pair of jeans that you aspire to fit into and then just try those in maybe every other day, or once a week, or whenever you feel like checking in. Another truth is that muscle is far more dense than fat. So as you gain muscle you maybe shrinking and your weight may stay the same or even go up and another reason to just see how your clothes fit instead of worrying about the numbers on the scale.

My number 1 tip for losing weight and keeping it off is keeping a food diary. Here’s mine. It’s just a little plain black __1:52__ notebook and a fun zebra pen. If you bite it, write it. Put down every single thing you eat. Now, I have been doing this for a pretty long time so I don’t have to look at the calories with every single food. If you are new to it and you want to count your calories .

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Posted by slimbayuk at 7:01 AM EDT

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